The RainbowPeaceDance

During this dance, we connect on a deeper level with the UR-dance of our European ancestors, who lived their lives in complete harmony with the Elements and the Beings from all layers on and in Mother Earth.
Life as they knew it had its principle in the Tree of Life, the Yggdrasil, which is UR Norsk. This tree of life is like the Axis Mundi, the axis of the world, and the beginning of all Creation. It is the connection between the heart of the Earth, the great Mother and the source of Light, the great Father.
The energy of our ancestors flows through our veins and in every cell of our Being. The basis for this connection is Peace, in ánd with our Self. The Dance will be activated on April 30, 2018 in preparation for the dance next year, of which you can read more details in our agenda.

In this special time of Ascension we are reminded in many ways of this Primeval and our Primordial Source. The Aquarius era helps us to reconnect with the divine Feminine energy and brings us back from our mind into our heart, to flow out into a new creation. From the primal knowing there was always the possibility to lay cosmic contact with earthly. Our ancestors called this the Bifrost, the rainbow bridge.
At some moments in the year, such as during the solstice, our ancestors knew and felt that the veils were very thin between the different worlds that were connected to the Yggdrasil, the tree of life. This Knowing has been there since the beginning of time, the first melting of the ice, where everything came from the great darkness, the great emptiness into matter, the time of the giants.

The special thing about this time is, that all 9 worlds come on 1 spiral-shaped line in the new Axis Mundi, which is a great transition for all of us, as Earthly Being aswell as the Elementals, the Subterranean beings and the Star beings. By living fully from the heart, and let peace and harmony flow from the hearts, those who are consciously aware and awaken are powerfully contributing to this!
The Rainbow Energy characterizes this phase of ascension, so that we are no longer dependent on the Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge, but makes it 
possible to connect our Earthly Being with the Higher dimensions Inside ourselves.

In this transforming Rainbow Peace Dance, we make a new connection with all Beings around us, through sound and movement. They are always there, in alignment with us, the earth and the cosmos. They too know the stage of duality, not being honored, not being seen.
Flows of Peace from our hearts make it possible to honor, acknowledge them and be together.


In this transforming Rainbow Peace Dance, we create a new connection with all Beings around us through sound and movement. They are always there, in alignment with us, the earth and the cosmos. They too know the stage of duality, not being honored, not being seen. Flows of Peace from our hearts make it possible to honor them, acknowledge them and Be as One. This energy is activated during a ceremony on April 30, 2018.


Vision of RainbowPeaceDance:

"This vision was received and envisioned by me in 2016 during a dance ceremony, and again shown
during the light of the Blue Full Moon in January 2018, this time with all the details.
It was determined that the right moment for this dance is April 30, 2019.
I would like to share this vision with you as it has been shown to me,
in which Spirit brought me deeper into contact with the Tree of Life .....   
Received in gratitude, Asha."


I feel i Am the tree

as I Am the tree ……

I see my enormous strong and vivid net of roots

I feel the vibrant energy from the Heart of Mother earth pulsating through me

through my tree heart

it opens wide and wider

like i am in a huge hallway

At the same moment

i can look up, into an endless huge pillar of Light

and downwards also, the same huge pillar of Light

the Core Being of the Tree

In this huge pillar of Light, there is a fluid, thicker than water,

its like a golden syrup melasse, an Amber colour

I am part of that melasse

I flow up and down the tree

towards the roots its more ocre/orange/earth colour

towards the top of the branches, its a bright golden sunlight colour

I look down and see…..

from this melasse, deepsea creatures being created

Than i see other Beings, being created in this Melasse Light stream

as if this is the Ur-Soup, the Ancient gelly were All life is created from

There i see the fourlegged, the feathered ones, the elementals, the star beings, the rainbow beings, the ancestors of Light, Grandmothers, Grandfathers are there aswell.

Animal spirits, Ancient Ones come to my Aid and Guidance flow of Peace and Harmony


The Ancient Ones show me a Dance

a 7 layer dance with Rainbow Creatures,

for Peace and Harmony of All Beings

and each layer has its own vibration and movement.